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SHS Scheduler

SHS Scheduler

With the Sears Home Services redesign, one of the most important business goals is to reduce calls to the call center. I worked closely with a TPM, a front-end dev, and a back-end dev to create a smooth online experience that allows users to book repair appointments from any devices.

The problem: On average it costs Sears more than $2 for each call made to the call center. We need to create a platform for customers to self-serve as much as possible.

The goal: Increase online conversion for Sears Home Services' repair services.

The solution: An easy-to-use, responsive online booking tool that takes in all the necessary information to identify appliance problems and order the right parts for repair. The scheduler is also integrated with a notification system to communicate and set the right expectations for our customers.

The performance: The first week after launch, online conversion increased by 40bps.

Mobile screens


Hypotheses made:

  1. Customers will be more likely to convert if they have the knowledge that they can cancel or reschedule online if needed.
  2. The faster we can get someone to the date selection the more likely they will be to convert. (of users that get through date selection, ~85% end up confirming the appointment)
  3. The fewer clicks the better - users notice when something takes less clicks to do. (desktop study supports this, as well as our own testing of other schedulers such as cracked)
  4. The less visual distraction the better (this will lead to perception of scheduler being simpler and easier. demonstrated by desktop test)
  5. Once users complete date selection & contact info, they are invested and less likely to bail when asked to enter more appliance info. (of all the scheduler steps, there is the lowest dropoff once users select a date)


Desktop screens


The scheduler evolution from June 2015

This MVP was launched in June 2015. We tracked data closely in the funnel to see where users encountered friction and dropped off. 




We realized that having users go through a long list of drop downs to select an appliance is very tedious. Same goes for the brand selection. In V2, we extracted the 6 most repaired appliances and took them out of the drop down. By doing so, we took care of 90%+ of the customers who are looking to have one of the 6 appliances repaired. 


The performance

Scheduler Funnel

y axis: number of clicks (in thousands)
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